Final Thesis

Development of Sound Insulation Toolbox (GUI)

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Research Area:
Raum- und Bauakustik


The development sound insulation models for airborne transmission are important for evaluating the performance of building structures in terms of noise evaluation. The sound insulation models describe the performance of the building elements. The basic parameters that are necessary for the development of these models are based on measurements and/or on calculations and material properties of the building elements, according to the ISO standards. Once the sound insulation models are developed these models are implemented in graphic software such as Sketch Up and Unity. This research focuses on developing a graphical user interface (GUI) based toolbox for calculating the sound insulation parameters for virtual building geometries in Matlab software and rendering the corresponding sound transmission filters to auralize the perception of the buildings under study. This toolbox will be used for education and research purpose in the area of building acoustics. Requirements ? Interest in the topic and independent work ? Knowledge of Room Acoustics ? Matlab Optional skills ? Knowledge of Building Acoustics