Final Thesis

Virtual Scene Handling for Building Acoustics Auralization in Virtual Reality

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Research Area:
Akustische Virtuelle Realitšt,
Raum- und Bauakustik


For building acoustic auralization in virtual reality, the development and implementation of sound insulation models (i.e. airborne and structure borne transmission etc.) are required to be incorporated in virtual building structures. The sound insulation models describe the performance of the building elements from where we can evaluate the overall performance of the buildings in terms of noise and comfort. The basic parameters that are necessary for the development of these models are based on measurements and/or on calculations and material properties of the building elements, according to the ISO standards. Once the sound insulation models are developed these models are implemented in graphic software such as Sketch Up. This research focuses on handling the virtual building geometries in graphics software and rendering the corresponding sound transmission filters to auralize the perception of the buildings under study and sound insulation. The potential applications of this research are the auralization of building in virtual reality and video games.