Final Thesis

Real-time auralization of complex scenes

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Research Area:
Akustische Virtuelle Realität


Auralization of virtual scenarios has been investigated for decades, however the total number of sound sources and sound reveivers considered is still imited in the approaches available to date. It is common that only one receiver is regarded and a few sound sources can be calculated. This Master thesis will deal with the design and implementation of a real-time auralization module that can cope with hundrets of sound sources. The main challenge will be to interactively route audio processing resources to most relevant sources, i.e. by culling approaches that require a-priori estimations on the relevance of a source. Also, clustering options will be examined that combine distant sources for propagation simulation. The evaluation of the results have to be conducted by either a benchmark or a listening experiment. Depending on skill and interest, the actual orientation of the implementation and evaluation part can be suggested by the student’s favor, requiring a coordination with the superviors, a short literature review and a written exposé beforehand. Requirements  Basic C++ programming skills  Basic knowledge of technical acoustics  Basic knowledge of acoustic simulation  Interest in the topic and independent work Optional skills  Basic Matlab skills  Real-time audio processing skills  Familiar with Visual Studio