Final Thesis

Investigation on headphone reproduction using individual and non-individual HRTFs

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Master Thesis of Reffgen, Matthias

The use of binaural synthesis to generate virtual aeoustieal environments for numerous eontexts is nowadays of peeuliar interest. Many studies foeus on the preeise determination of individual head-related transfer functions (HRTF ) , the investigation of anthropometrie data as well as its influenee in time and frequeney domain. Alternatively different proeedures based on simplified geometrieal models approximate speeifie indiviudual HRTFs to reduee the measurement effort related to the determination of individual HRTFs. This seems to be essentially for the eommereial use of binaural teehnology. To evaluate the performance of different individualizations, well known and new investigation methods were implemented to be used together with a head-mounted display and applied in several listening tests. Along with the employment of individualization teehniques, such as headphone equalization or ITD-adjustment, also the influence of additionally presented visual stimuli and possible applications of head-mounted displays in listening tests were discussed. The results of these investigations should be used to evaluate possible applications of binaural technology in non-scientific multimedia contexts.