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Influence of subject movement on individual measurements of head-related transfer functions

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Master Thesis of Wepner, Saskia

In recent years, the need for individually measured head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) has increased steadily. For instance, HRTFs are important for the development of psychological experiments including spatial perception or multi-speaker scenery; as well as in industrial fields, such as virtual reality scenes. Therefore, measurements need to be sped up and simplified. Current research offers various approaches to develop less time-consuming alternatives to prior measurement methods. As errors may influence the auditory impression of reproduced signals, best possible conditions are demanded as well as a detailed knowledge of uncertainties occurring during the measurement. Certainly, additional inaccuracies do appear due to natural movements of the subject. The aim of this thesis is to explore how and to what extent subjects move during the measurement procedure. Hence, it is examined which measurement method does evoke least movements of test subjects. Additionally, a real-time feedback system will be installed, that allows the subject to perform a correction of position and orientation. The gained knowledge shall also reveal the less error-prone measurement method and allow for a better reconstruction of measurement signals.