Final Thesis

Evaluation of audio signal synthesis and network transmission for real-time auralization in Virtual Reality

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Akustische Virtuelle Realitšt


Bachelor Thesis of Heimes, Anne

In virtual reality applications, technical challenges are the biggest obstacle when producing a virtual scene in a quality standard, which achieves a satisfactory immersion. For this purpose, various components are integrated into an overall system, which separates the tasks and divides the burden of complicated calculations. Typical examples are CAVE systems, which usually use dedicated computers for visualization, tracking and auralization. They communicate exclusively via network interfaces. Extensions, which require a correspondingly high calculation effort, can be integrated via the acquisition of additional computing units without slowing the system down. An important aspect of interactive VR applications is the systems reaction to user action. In sound propagation simulation, these changes lead to new calculation of the parameters for the digital signal processing, which imprints the effects of the propagation on an input signal. These input signals of the real-time processing are usually read out directly from the main memory without significant expenditure. A different situation occurs if the input signal is not directly available, but must be generated from an artificial parameterizable calculation model or a complex physical model by means of modal analysis and synthesis. In this case, mathematical operations are carried out that additionally burden the processor and thus compete for resources. In this bachelor thesis, the aim is to examine under which preconditions the generation of signals from a virtual sound source on a dedicated computer and the subsequent transmission to the auralization computer via a network interface are reasonable. System components and complexity of signal generation as well as latency and transmission rates are taken into account in order to formulate a general recommendation.