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How can the effect of sound on human beings be described? Which parameters do actually depict the strain or inconvenience of complex sounds on a human being?

These are the research questions psycho acoustics concerns itself with. Psycho acoustics describes the connections between acoustic stimuli and the sentiments these cause in human beings. The acoustic stimulus is the sound that impacts on the hearing; the sentiments accompanying this are for example noise level, pitch or the perceived direction of incidence.

Methodological aids here are on the one hand the analysis and modeling of sounds and sound effects and on the other hearing tests with test persons.

Using hearing tests we focus on the research of the effects of individual parameters and with that offer a basis for the description of complex sounds using so-called psycho acoustic parameters.

The most well-known psycho-acoustic parameters are loudness, acuity, rawness and tonality. These describe a sound in a considerably more detailed manner than for example the dB(A) and supply at the same time a relationship to the perception in human beings.